Creator Corner with Illustrator Raz Latif

Owlkids Books: how did you become a children’s book illustrator?
Raz Latif: My path to becoming a children’s book illustrator was an adventure that started way back in my childhood. As I grew, so did my sketches, evolving from a playful hobby to an artistic passion!
OKB: which spread did you most enjoy illustrating and why?
RL: The illustration I found most enjoyable to draw was Pepper the French bulldog, especially because she’s holding a dirty diaper!
OKB: Raz, which spread was the most challenging to illustrate and why?
RL: The illustration that put me to the test was the spread of dog vision. This part was not just about making it look good, but it was also really scientific. I had to make sure all the diagrams were accurate to show how dogs see the world!
OKB: What do you hope readers will take away from this book?
RL: After diving into our book, I hope readers will come away with an appreciation for dogs and their extraordinary senses.
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