Hey everyone, we’ve got some super cool news to share! Our latest creation has been chosen for the Junior Library Guild Gold Standard collection – pretty awesome, right? It’s like a high-five for us and a promise of a great read for you. Coming to you on April 15th, 2024, thanks to the amazing Stephanie Gibeault and the folks at Owlkids Books, this book is gearing up to take young readers across North America by storm.
We’re buzzing with excitement and can’t wait to see it in the wild, sharing stories and sparking imaginations. This nod from the Junior Library Guild is a big deal for us, and we’re counting down the days until we can share all the fun, adventures, and magic packed inside. So, stay tuned, get ready for some bookish fun, and let’s make some reading magic happen together!
Pre-order Here:  Amazon ↗ /  Indigo ↗ /  Owlkids ↗ /  Signed Copy
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